From field of “Science and Mathematics” to “World of Creatives”.

The reason why I shifted path.

Science lab

I have been working toward becoming a Civil Engineer since junior high school but in the midst of senior high school year, I realized that my passion for the strand was no longer there. Upon further reflection, Civil Engineering was not a dream of mine, but my folks’. I recognized that my childhood love for the Arts, business and writing has never really gone away. You see, I grew up with my mom’s business ideas, my father’s writings and my drawings posted on our bedroom walls, and those things has always inspired me. But ironically, as much as I love them, I never understood that they were careers I could pursue.

this is me browsing Ms. Cheekie’s articles

Until I stumbled upon an article and got jazzed how words creatively gaggled with matching conversational yet fun storytelling.  My eyes captured Cheekie Albay written in the byline, scourged through net and—in a way I kinda hoard most of her written articles and saved them for future reads— varying from love to gossips to her own stories and areas in between. I started stalking her social media accounts and  learned that she does content writing for living and decided wanting to be just like her.

I also browsed other local and foreign editors that could have the same writing style as hers but I couldn’t find one that resonates with me as much as her articles do. They’re just different, fresh,  well-written—and I have no idea how she did it but reading her articles made me feel certain feelings that feels like they could come only from her.

Ms. Cheekie’s writings were a talisman to me when my motivation was at all time low—when I am stuck and lost and merely doing things unalive. I used to hate writing, reading and the English language itself, so I just really want to thank Ms. Cheekie Albay for usheringe into world of creativity and for bringing the inner artsy-writer in me!!